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Turbo Rally Card Racing: Thunder Track Card Game

Turbo Rally Card Racing: Thunder Track Card Game

THUNDER TRACK takes careful planning, patience, wit, and a healthy dose of foresight to become a champion. Get too far ahead and you'll become everyone's target. Fall too far back and you might not be able to catch up by the end of the race. Waste all your RPMs and Ammo and you may not have them when you need them most. With plenty of surprises around every corner, only the driver who knows how to react quickly?and carefully?will head home with a trophy.

Building on the platform established by Turbo Rally Card Racing, THUNDER TRACK introduces a whole new level of strategy into the mix! Using your own 1:64 scale die-cast cars, race opponents along rally themed card tracks that you create. The cards are expandable so you can challenge unlimited players and build courses as simple or as big as you can imagine.

On your turn, flip one track card over, and follow the signs as you race through jumps and obstacles toward the finish line?all while fending off attacks from your opponents. The first player to reach the winner's circle wins one of five trophies?and an advantage in the next race!

But don't think for a second that getting to the Winner's Circle is easy. With over 30 RPM (Radical Performance Maneuvers) cards that allow players to boost ahead, burst through obstacles or sabotage opponents, THUNDER TRACK shifts racing strategy into high gear. Whether it's smokescreens and straightaways or pit stops and pace notes, the right RPM combo at the right time will keep your foot on the gas and your opponents off-track.

If tire spikes and land mines can?t seem to keep your fellow racers from taking the top spot in the winner?s circle, don?t worry, we?re also introducing 10 different weapons to choose from. Send your opponents skidding off track with a missile attack or drag them into the dirt and leave them stranded with a well-aimed grappling hook. But, whichever weapon you choose, you?ll have access to unique special abilities and features sure to keep your opponents eating your dust.

Think you've got what it takes to be a Turbo Rally Card Racing Champion? Only the toughest will survive the new THUNDER TRACK...