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Wroth Coming Exclusively to Spiral Galaxy Distribution


Welcome to Spiral Galaxy Distribution


Spiral Galaxy Distribution is partnering with Chip Theory Games to easily enable hobby stores in the UK and the EU to place pre-orders for Wroth during the Gamefound Campaign. If you have an existing account with Spiral Galaxy, please feel free to reach out to your Sales Rep at any time. If you wish to return back to the Gamefound page, please click this link to take you back: Wroth Gamefound Page.



Only Available During Gamefound Campaign:

  • Wroth: Metal Troops Upgrade Kit
  • Wroth: All Gameplay Bundle - (includes Base Game, Paldeyn & Venna Faction Expansions)



    Available Pre-Orders:

  • Wroth Base Game
  • Wroth Paldeyn Faction Expansion
  • Wroth Venna Faction Expansion


    New Account Setup


    If you are new to Spiral Galaxy Distribution, welcome! For new retailers who would like to set up a Business Account, please download the Account Application Form and return to one of the email addresses shown. If you qualify for a new account then you'll be able to place an order for Wroth.


    Q & A Section


    Q: Will Chip Theory Game's MAP Policy be observed on Wroth?

    A: CTGs MAP policy for this campaign will be to allow all stores to sell at the lower campaign price all the way until pre-orders close. The game will then launch at the full MSRP.


    Q: Will I be able to order the Metal Troop Tokens Upgrade or All Gameplay Bundle after the Gamefound Drive ends?

    A: No. These are a limited offering to Retailers for pre-order only for the duration of the Gamefound Campaign.


    Q: I am a retailer in the USA, Canada or Australia can I pre-order Wroth (English Language) with Spiral Galaxy Distribution?

    A: No. Please contact GTS Distribution for the USA, ÎLO Distribution for Canada and Aetherworks for Australia and New Zealand.



    Thank you for your partnership!