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Brexit and UK / EU Friendly Fulfilment

The current position is this:

Brexit has happened and it has caused us some difficulties over the last 2 years in ensuring that we are able to ship to the EU both from a Distribution and a Fulfilment perspective.

We can now do that reliably and both our Distribution and Fulfilment options to the EU are both running fairly smoothly though we are still seeing occasional issues and we are still taking actions in order to smooth the process further.

What does the future hold?

Provided that the UK does not trigger Article 16 trade between the UK and the EU should continue to improve, though there will always be a barrier that wasn't there pre-Brexit and overall volumes of shipments will probably remain suppressed.

In particular Spiral Galaxy Games Fulfilment customers should be reassured that the process for them of shipping into the UK / EU remaiins both UK and EU friendly with no additional taxes or interruption in service due to the facilities we have put in place.