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Brexit and UK / EU Friendly Fulfilment

The current position is this:

Britain will remain in a transition agreement with the EU member states (assuming ratification is satisfactorily completed by the UK and EU member states) up until the end of 2020. This means that we can continue to ship parcels into the EU without consideration of customs documentation, inspection and charge up until that date.

What does the future hold?

This is a rather more tricky question to answer as it completely depends on the shape that any trade agreement with the EU takes but we've been considering, discussing and working on a variety of options to try to be prepared, insofar as that is practical, for a range of outcomes.

  • Integrating software with our preferred carriers to enable parcels to be delivered duty paid where VAT and / or duty would be applicable, to complete the payment or prepayment of such duties / fees on behalf of the kickstarter company as applicable. Note that not all parcels would require duty payments but that depends on the duty free threshold of the destination country.
  • Mutual exchange programmes with fulfilment agents within the EU with whom we'd send bulk shipments to the EU and receive bulk shipments from the EU for UK delivery.
  • Set up our own fulfilment business within the EU, however that would be a much larger undertaking and require a significantly larger starter up cost.

It is entirely possible, ignoring the political rhetoric, that the current transition agreement will be extended during 2020 once the outline of an agreement and the negotiation process has proceeded rather further than it currently has and we will be reviewing and revising our options as this occurs.

Whilst we'd rather not have been facing this situation, we at Spiral Galaxy Games are committed to ensuring that there is as little disruption as possible to our customers and to their customers as is feasible, however it is inevitable that at certain times, events outside our control may cause delays and we would ask for patience during these times whilst we work to resolve those.