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Dungeons And Dragons: The Ritual Spellbook And Witch Class

Dungeons And Dragons: The Ritual Spellbook And Witch Class

The Ritual Spellbook and Witch Class for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition will add a new dimension to your games!

The Ritual Spellbook & Witch Class is a supplement that introduces over 50 new spells, new rules and mechanics to amplify your spellcasting, expanded ritual mechanics to enhance the roleplay experience for spellcasters, and an entire new, playable class: the witch.

Inspired by a combination of the druid and wizard classes with a dash of warlock thrown in, this new class will make you the master of ritual spellcasting. Subclasses include: the all-knowing clairvoyant, the spiritual shaman, the misunderstood voodoo, or the chaotic eclectic witch. Witches also learn crafts, a feature that will make each witch character truly unique; so you can be a voodoo witch who heals, or a clairvoyant who curses their foes.

It also introduces the Way of the Occult, a monk subclass whose studies allow them to cast ritual magic, and the deadly Witch Hunter, a fighter subclass able to endure and resist magic. Along with backgrounds and feats, this supplement is designed to add to your campaigns and give greater depth to your roleplay gaming.