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Capital Lux 2 Card Game: Mini Expansion

Capital Lux 2 Card Game: Mini Expansion

This mini-expansion comes with 3 different modules that can be played together or one by one, each of them compatible with both Capital Lux 2: Generation and Capital Lux 2: Pocket.


  • Superpower Card
  • Postcard
  • Kingdom Card
  • Capital Lux 2 Card Game: Pocket Edition

    Capital Lux 2 Card Game: Pocket Edition

    This pocket edition is a conveniently portable and slightly trimmed version of the big box game, Capital Lux 2 : Generations.

    Capital Lux 2: Pocket, a standalone sequel to the acclaimed tactical card game from 2016, introduces a range of exchangeable capital powers that can be mixed and matched as you like. This allows for a total of 81 unique power combinations. One of these combinations plays as the original Capital Lux, while the other 80 present the players new tactical challenges.

    The core of the game revolves around the following dilemma: Do you play character cards in your home base for points, or contribute them to the capital to benefit from their powers? At the end of a round, you are not allowed to have a higher total value in your home base for any color than the current total value in the capital. Exceeding the limit makes you lose those cards. At the end of the third round, all cards remaining in your home base are worth points.

    Offshore Board Game

    Offshore Board Game

    The vast oil reserves off of the Norwegian shores is an environmentally controversial topic, but it undoubtedly remains one of the most important contributors to the country's massive wealth. Offshore is a lightweight competitive strategy game about this highly specialized industry.

    In the game, players build oil platforms in the North Sea. Opening a new oil field is, of course, not easy as it requires both technology and temporary co-operation between players.

    The temporary co-operations and players' shared interests in the game makes for an exciting game in which players share both successes and failures as the work with and against each other to win.