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Six Gun Showdown Card Game

Six Gun Showdown Card Game

Six Gun Showdown is a quick 2 player game of shootouts in the Wild West. The game takes 5-10 minutes to play for ages 9+. It combines strategy, memory and a dexterity element, like a ?quick-draw? that serves to generate tension and guides the players to read their opponent?s actions, really immersing them into the feeling of being in a shootout.

There are six characters to choose from, each with their own unique deck of 15 cards and their own dice.

Each character has their own advantages and disadvantages and so will require the players to master different strategies to succeed.

In a duel, players choose six cards from their deck (15 at the start of the game) and lay them face down in front of themselves.

Players then enter the staredown where they take alternate turns to choose then turn over a face down card, revealing either a Modifier card or a Draw card. The reveal of a Draw card indicates the player is entering the shooting phase by drawing their gun to shoot at their opponent, and can then prevent their opponent revealing their next card by touching one of their opponents cards before their opponent chooses their next card (which ought to be a Draw card if they want to shoot too!).

The shooting phase is affected by whether one or both players get to resolve their shots (determined by reactions speeds to touching cards after a Draw card is revealed). If both players managed to reveal a Draw card, they compare speed values(total from Draw and Modifier cards), with highest value shooting first. Players hit their opponent with a shot by rolling their dice and adding this to their accuracy value (total from Draw and Modifier cards), requiring a total of 6 and higher or "hit" symbol.

Then, at the end of each round, players discard the cards they revealed in the round and can choose their next six cards from any of their remaining cards.

Players score 1 point for hitting their opponent, with a bonus 1 point if they revealed their Draw card second. Play lasts for 3 rounds (4 only to resolve any ties after 3) and the player with the highest score wins.