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Darkest Dungeon Board Game: Crimson Court Expansion

Darkest Dungeon Board Game: Crimson Court Expansion

This box adds a new location to the Darkest Dungeon: The Board Game, the Courtyard. The once green and lush gardens of the estate have fallen to decay. Now all you can see is the faintglow of the bloodlight, and a once lavish green place now infested with bloody insect-borne threats... and their unsuspecting victims. The Crimson Court expansion introduces several new monsters in the game, the insect-like infestation that plagues the estate. In specific, you will get 8 new monsters, spanning from level 1 to level 3, and 4 new Bosses.

This expansion also comes with new Quest cards and new Curio cards, further expanding the Darkest Dungeon: the Board Game replayability. If there are two threats that your party of Heroes should be wary of in this location, is the constant stress and the high chances for bleed and blight. The Crimson Court comes with 6 new room tiles. These are double-sided tiles, adding 12 new rooms in total that you can explore, making the dungeons even more dangerous and deadly. 12 new room cards are also added in your stash.

Darkest Dungeon Board Game: Including Strongbox

Darkest Dungeon the Board Game is an adaptation of the critically acclaimed video game created by Red Hook Studios.

The Heir has returned to the Estate, and must reclaim it. Adventurer, you have been hired to clear out the infested land and restore the Hamlet to its former glory. With the voice of the Ancestor echoing in your mind, you will delve deep into cursed dungeons, and face unimaginable eldritch horrors. When these areas are purified and you are prepared both physically and mentally, then you will assault the Darkest Dungeon itself and seal off the source of madness once and for all.

In this cooperative 1-4 player rogue-like dungeon crawler, you will play as heroes recruited to dispatch imminent threats through increasingly dangerous dungeons, until you enter the Darkest Dungeon and face the ultimate evil. Although brave and determined, adventurers are only human! They are prone to the madness and pain the twisted dwellers of the dungeons will inflict upon them. Death can occur, but is not the worst fate: heroes can be driven mad and beyond help!

The game is played in campaigns of 11 missions. To reach the Darkest Dungeon itself, players will undertake 3 missions per threat level and vanquish the boss. Then, they will be strong enough to face the horrors of the Darkest Dungeon! They may emerge victorious... if they dispatch the source of evil that plagues the land.


138 miniatures

  • 12 Hero Minis
  • 29 Ruin Minis
  • 45 Common Monster Minis
  • 46 Darkest Dungeon Minis and bosses
  • 2 PvP Minis
  • Caretaker mini
  • Party Marker
  • Pyre The Fanatic

    61 Tiles and Boards

  • 1 Hamlet Board
  • 14 Hamlet Buildings
  • 11 Hero Stance tiles
  • 4 Hero Dashboards
  • 1 Light Board
  • 2 Stance Boards
  • 13 Ruin Rooms
  • 12 Dungeon Rooms
  • 2 Darkest Dungeon Tiles
  • 1 PVP Arena

    32 Dice

  • 16 Provision Dice
  • 8 Exploration Dice
  • 4 Death's Door Dice
  • 4 Ten-sided Dice

    656 Cards

  • 23 Hero Cards
  • 22 Hero PvP Cards
  • 231 Hero Skill Cards
  • 38 Trinkets
  • 11 Diseases
  • 17 Positive Quirk Cards
  • 18 Negative Quirk Cards
  • 5 Affliction Cards
  • 5 Virtue Cards
  • 8 Initiative Cards
  • 169 Monster & Boss Cards
  • 8 Boss Room Cards
  • 17 Room Cards
  • 17 Stygian Room Cards
  • 19 Quest Cards
  • 16 Hamlet Event Cards

  • Old Road Tutorial Booklet
  • Rulebook
  • 24 Curio Cards
  • 8 Player Aids
  • 298 Tokens
  • Save Sheet Notepad
  • Save Box
  • Darkest Dungeon Board Game: Musketeer Hero

    Darkest Dungeon Board Game: Musketeer Hero

    A new hero has arrived at the Tavern to join the fight. With her muskeet in hand, she is ready to snipe the evil within the depth of the estate.


  • 1 Musketeer Mini
  • 1 Hero Card & 2 PVP Card
  • 21 Skill Cards
  • 1 Stance Token