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9 Lives Card Game

9 Lives Card Game

A trick taking game where you always know what suits your opponents are holding.

Have you ever heard the myth about cats having nine lives? In this trick-taking game you?ll put that to the test. Each round, you?ll bet how many tricks you can win. Are you confident you'll win four hands? Or, do you think you'll be able to sneak one win and tank the other hands?

Be careful, because every victory will add a card back into your hand! Can you outwit the other players and earn nine lives before they do?

9 Lives builds on the rich trick-taking foundation (Spades, Heart, etc), but then turns it sideways.

  • The backs of the cards show what suit they are. It REALLY affects the way you plan a trick taker when you know what suits people have.
  • You take a card from that trick into your hand, after you win said trick. You'll want plenty of plays to understand all the strategies this unlocks.
  • There aren?t any ?bad? hands. As long as you can predict how many tricks you are going to take, you can score.
  • A Message From The Stars Board Game (Pre-Order)

    A Message From The Stars Board Game (Pre-Order)

    In A Message From the Stars, a team of scientists seeks to decipher cryptic messages from an extraterrestrial civilization.

    Set against a backdrop of cosmic mystery, players take on the roles of brilliant scientists tasked with decoding a series of perplexing satellite transmissions. These transmissions are believed to contain vital messages from an alien race that could hold the key to the destiny of Earth. The catch? The messages are incomprehensible, written in an entirely unknown alien language.

    Using engrossing deduction mechanics, players will collaborate with their fellow scientists to send messages back to the extraterrestrial senders. By exchanging these messages, you hope to unravel the intricate linguistic code that conceals the true intentions of the alien entity. Each interaction yields a numerical value, a piece of the puzzle that you'll need to solve the riddle of the alien language.

    Players can engage in cooperative gameplay, where all scientists pool their collective intellect to crack the alien code and unveil the hidden message. Alternatively, delve into team play, with two alien players sending messages across the galaxy.

    The future of interstellar relations lies in your hands!

    Basketboss Board Game

    Basketboss Board Game

    Basketball isn't all earth-shaking slam dunks, ankle-breaking crossovers, and rainbow 3-pointers. It's business. Competition is fierce. Money is tight. Your critical task as team manager is to build a dream lineup of basketball superstars.

    Basketboss is a tight, competitive auction game. Each season, you?ll be responsible for managing all the complexities of a professional basketball team. Hire the right team advisors, win auctions to offer contracts to talented new players, and avoid crippling injuries!

    Will your lineup be stacked with Hall of Famers and your shelves full of gleaming trophies?

    Different strategies are viable! Will you be more conservative and bide your time and money until exactly the right moment? Or, will you be aggressive and go for the biggest opportunities as fast as possible? In Basketboss, either method can lead you to the Hall of Fame. This leads to interesting and dynamic auctions every round!

    If you end up with players that don't bring in enough money, you might get stuck! A bad player can lock you into a tough position where you can only afford a team that compromises your strategy.

    Bear Raid Board Game

    Bear Raid Board Game

    Part of the 1-Minute to Teach series

    Who's in control of the market?

    In Bear Raid, you?ll put on your power suit, pajamas, or prison jumper and start buying and shorting stocks. Like every successful trader, your goal is to try and make the most money you can.

    Event cards with clever news headlines determine how each stock changes.

    Use (and manipulate!) the 42 dice with clever play to influence the market. Can you bend the stock prices to your advantage?

    The winner is the one who's made the most money!

    It's not just a matter of chucking the dice and moving the prices. You can get a glimpse of what might happen next turn, but it won?t be a perfect picture!

    Do you leave dice on a company or take them back? Will you leave dice behind your screen or add them to the bag? These decisions are as important as buying or shorting the stock!

    Big Top Board Game

    Big Top Board Game

    Come one, come all to Big Top! Hire the wildest and most wonderful acts to attract crowds of delighted spectators.

    In this fast-paced auction game, you?ll be bidding on show-stopping acts for your Big Top to draw in the crowds. Beware - each winning bid will make your competition that much richer.

    BUT WAIT - that?s not all! Even the attractions you?ve already won will affect bids in future auctions. For those attractions to score, you'll have to fill in all their circles. Do this by bidding specific amounts in future auctions.

    To create the best circus, you'll have to keep a close eye on both your winnings and your opponents' bids!

    Bites Board Game

    Bites Board Game

    Bites is an indirect-conflict commodity speculation game based on Big Points, a Spiel des Jahres Recommeded game in 2008, refreshed with a new theme, more engaging components, and rule-tweaking cards.

    Gather Up The Most Delicious And Valuable Snacks!

    Shared incentives, changing rules; pick up the best collection of cheese, bread, apples, and other delicious picnic scraps to win in Bites! Ants are marching down a trail of wonderful dual-layered food pieces. You don't control a single ant ? instead, choose any color to move. The ants land on their matching color, and you get to pick up one of the surrounding pieces.

    By itself, that food doesn't have any value! Their point values change when their matching ant reaches the end of the trail. Changing rule cards make every play different!

    Shared incentives mean you are always trying to figure out what the other players are up to. Sometimes, you?ll want to eat all the green peppers. Other games you might go after grapes. You might try and collect all the apples only to have them be worthless at the end!

    Only take what you can chew; Players can only loosely anticipate how much the food is going to be worth at the end of the game.

    The point values are only determined once the matching ant makes it to the ant hill at the end of the trail. This creates shared incentives! Players might work together to advance some ants and hold others back.

    The thrilling element of the game is planning how you can maximize the food tokens you collect, while also remaining flexible to the positions of the other ants as well as the tokens the other players have gathered.

    Bites Board Game: Double Bites Expansion

    Bites Board Game: Double Bites Expansion

    Bites is an indirect-conflict commodity speculation game based on Big Points, a Spiel des Jahres Recommeded game in 2008, refreshed with a new theme, more engaging components, and rule-tweaking cards.

    If you're looking for a longer game, with a little more time for the story and strategies to develop, then Double Bites will give you a second set of those lovely double layer food tokens. And then you can play Bites with a trail that is twice as long.

    Bites Board Game: New Recipes Expansion

    Bites Board Game: New Recipes Expansion

    Bites is an indirect-conflict commodity speculation game based on Big Points, a Spiel des Jahres Recommeded game in 2008, refreshed with a new theme, more engaging components, and rule-tweaking cards.

    Bites: New Recipes adds exciting game changing possibilities to the core game of Bites. One of the things that made the original game so exciting and replayable were the variable scoring cards.

    This expansion takes them to an entirely different level. You'll be able to play with over a dozen new rule cards that have noticeably larger effects than the cards in the base game. In addition to the rule cards, you'll have new characters and objects to play with. With this expansion, it can feel like you are playing a completely different game!

    Chomp Board Game: Flyers And Scavengers

    Chomp Board Game: Flyers And Scavengers

    Sail: Seafarers introduces a variety of brand new content to the base game. Included are four new scenarios that challenge players with new hazards they?ll need to overcome, such as whirlpools and pirate ships. Seafarers also introduces four new pirate characters with new pirate powers that add even more ways to strategize and work together.

    Couture Card Game

    Couture Card Game

    Rock the Funway, multiple auctions at once!

    Take on the role of a fashion model as you hit the runways in New York, Paris, and Tokyo to build your career! It's hard to be everywhere at once. Bid wisely and become a fashion icon! Or, spread yourself too thin and end up a fashion flop!

    Every turn, there are three simultaneous auctions. You can?t win them all. But, can you win the right ones? Compete to model different types of fashion, each with their own scoring criteria.

    Each turn, new cards will be available in each of the three cities. Simultaneously, all players make secret bids in each city using their influence card. The player who bids the most in a particular city gets the first pick in that city. Second most, second pick, and so on.

    Some of the cards you collect will give you immediate points. Others will replace influence cards in your hand, giving you more bidding power. However, most of the cards help you compete for magazine covers through set collection. These score big points at the end of the game.

    The model with the highest score after seven rounds wins the game!

    Dandelions Board Game

    Dandelions Board Game

    Part of the 1-Minute to Teach series.

    Beautiful gardens await, where will you plant your dandelions?

    Transform into a dandelion, and float through clear blue skies on a pleasant breeze in this dice-rolling, area-majority game with a little direct-competition edge. Your quest is to find the best spots for your seeds to grow across a variety of vibrant, beautiful, and cozy gardens.

    In Dandelions, players roll a group of dice, then choose one to move to a beautiful garden. Along the way, you can harness the power of the wind with three special actions ? float, puff, and gust ? to get the most points. The game ends after all the dice are used, and whoever receives the most victory points as combined from two different scoring methods wins.

    All players roll all 11 of their dice and sort them in front of themselves.

    Each turn, pick one of your dice, and move your pawn that many spaces. If you land on the same space as another player, don't stop there. Repeat your movement.

    Put the die you used in the garden you land in. If that garden already has other dice with the same number, blow those dice into an adjacent garden.

    Repeat these steps until you've used all 11 of your dice.

    Score each die based on the value of the garden it is in. Additionally, for each garden, if you have the most dice, score your pips.

    The rules might sound simple, but the interactivity and the two scoring conditions make for interesting strategy and decisions.

    Factory Funner Board Game

    Factory Funner Board Game

    A puzzle game where you lay pipe and daisy-chain machines together.

    Put on your hard hat and install machines, pipes, supply tanks, and reservoirs in this fast, furious, and fun game of factory planning!

    Factory Funner is a refresh of the cult-classic tile-laying puzzle game from Cwali. We've kept the gameplay the same, but added a variant for those that want to play a more relaxed style. Beautiful and zany new artwork adds polish; we love the quirky, colorful style!

    Your goal is to purchase the best machines and make the most profitable factory. Putting down tiles might seem straightforward, but your mind will start bending as much as the pipes when you try to install machines that seemingly have no place. It?s full of unexpected delights and surprises!

    With the standard play mode, snatch up pieces quickly! You don't have the luxury to take time and analyze. When the machines are flipped over at the start of the turn, you have to decide which one you want in a flash. Too slow, and someone will take your machine. Too fast, and you might grab a piece that you think can work... but won't.

    If real-time gameplay isn't for you, no problem. We've also developed a turn-based variant. We realize that the quick version isn't fun or possible option for everyone. This alternative ruleset encourages a different, more deliberate style of play.

    Ghosts Of Christmas Card Games

    Ghosts Of Christmas Card Games

    Part of the 1-Minute to Teach series

    Grab that Victorian outfit from your closest and join the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future on a time traveling adventure. You'll play tricks to each time period as you try to outwit your fellow travelers and collect enough wreaths to decorate all the holiday doors.

    Ghosts of Christmas is a new version of the acclaimed hard-to-find Japanese game "Time Palatrix" by Taiki Shinzawa. Have you ever played "spades" or "hearts" and thought "I wish this game had time travel?

    Some trick taking games are relaxing affairs where you play your highest card and hope for the best. Ghosts of Christmas will challenge you, there are multiple ways to approach each round and navigate through the other players.

    For example, when you don't have the cards to win in a straightforward way, sometimes you can engineer a change in who wins the "Past" trick in order to make the "Present" and "Future" trick work out better for you.

    Or, if you want either a lower stress evening or are just learning, there?s the option to play the variant without bidding. On the flip side, you make it even more challenging by adding the fourth "Beyond" variant.

    Habitats Board Game

    Habitats Board Game

    Majestic animals need special habitats. Can you build a beautiful preserve?

    Welcome to the jungle! Habitats is a tile-laying game. Drive your jeep around and choose the best animals for your wildlife preserve. A successful preservation is more than a working habitat. You'll also have to build tourist destinations, campgrounds, and watchtowers!

    Your goals change every year and you?ll have to get what you need before other rangers snatch them up first!

    Keep moving forward; Habitats is a game that moves both quickly and slowly - which is reflective of the dual strategy gameplay. First, you have to navigate to the tile you want. Second, you need to place the tile in the preserve, in a spot that makes the most sense.

    It moves quick in the sense that other players can get the tiles you want before you can get them, but more slowly in the sense that in-between the public market moves, you can analyze both your place in the market as well as the layout of your preserve.

    When you start the game, think about A) Not just your next move in the public market, but where you'd like your jeep to be 3 or 4 turns in advance. Sometimes a short sacrifice will position you for better tiles. B) How you can use point multipliers from watchtowers and photo spots to extend a lead or recover deficits.

    Loot Of Lima Board Game

    Loot Of Lima Board Game

    Part of the 1-Minute to Teach series.

    Can you find the gold? Get clues. Find buried treasure.

    Become a treasure hunting pirate in 1820?s Peru, searching Cocos Island and piecing together information to find a magnificent bounty before opponents get to it first.

    Loot of Lima is a deduction game where you ask questions and try to solve the mystery as fast as possible. During your search, you?ll utilize a clever coordinate system that provides the feeling of actually navigating the island and helps you eliminate the wrong locations on your quest for buried treasure. Three special ability tokens and a Co-Op play option add extra factors to consider and make each game as exciting as possible.

    The rules may be straightforward but piecing together all the clues makes this the ultimate head scratching and thrilling puzzle.

    Ask your questions carefully! How do you make sense of something when you have no definitive information? You ask questions!

    Each turn, players roll three 12-sided dice. You pick two dice, and use them to ask another player how many tokens they have in a certain range.

    Use the answers to these questions to build overlapping clues, figure out the locations that have already been searched, and deduce where the treasure is hidden. Make sure to use the notepad to keep track of all your notes - there's a lot of information to process!

    That is the real challenge. The real fun. By being able to interact with the other players, you get overlapping points of data. Rarely do just one or two questions tell you anything. But you can start to piece together questions from multiple angles, and multiple people. Squint your eyes. Think hard. Figure a few things out. The puzzle will come together.

    Mind Space Card Game

    Mind Space Card Game

    Where Is Your Mind? A Mindful Polyomino Roll & Write

    Breathe in?Breathe out? Achieve serenity! Mind Space is a roll-&-write game in which players try to seek calm and peacefulness by adding pursuits to their brains. Each pursuit is a polyomino shape of a certain color.

  • Purple: Friendship
  • Orange: Hobbies
  • Pink: Romance
  • Blue: Self Improvement
  • Green: Finances

    How does anyone fit all of that in?

    Five pursuit (polyomino) cards are available each round. You roll five dice to assign colors to those shapes. Then, you have to decide which shape to draw on your brain board.

    Along the way, you can earn points by fitting different aspects of your life together.

    After 12 rounds, the game's over! Receive points by completing sections of the brain, achieving public goal cards, and meeting the criteria of each color.

  • On Tour Board Game: Paris And New York

    On Tour Board Game: Paris And New York

    On Tour: Paris & New York is the standalone sequel to On Tour: USA & Europe. Both new maps keep the same base roll & write mechanic. But, each adds a new way to connect distant regions and score thematic bonus points.

    Your band is going on a 100-day summer tour. Flip cards to see what venues you can book. At the same time, roll dice to see what dates you can visit.

    Your goal is to plot the longest and most efficient route through these two magnificent cities where you are musicians in the 1920's trying to play in as many jazz clubs as possible. Each turn two ten-sided dice are rolled to make two two-digit numbers that determine where you visit (a roll of 3 and 7 creates the numbers 37 and 73). All players write each of those numbers in a location on their map. The regions they can write in are restricted by cards turned up in the middle of the table.

    New abilities to take riverboats and ferries will help you tour the city and become a jazz legend.

    At the end of the game, each player draws a route on their map, starting with a low number and visiting adjacent locations with higher and higher numbers. Players get a point for every venue they visit.

    On Tour Board Game: USA And Europe

    On Tour Board Game: USA And Europe

    Your band has gone platinum! Travel to as many US states or European countries as possible

    On Tour is a 20 minute route-building, roll-and-write board game with large, premium components that's good for 1 to 8 players (but can be played with as many people who have maps!). Each turn, dice determine which numbers you write while cards restrict the places you can visit.

    In On Tour, players compete to take their band to as many states as possible. You'll be writing a number in each state to book it for that date on your 100-day tour.

    Each turn, dice determine which numbers you write and cards restrict where you can write. Players write simultaneously on their own maps, all using the same dice rolls and cards flips. Everyone is getting the same inputs, but how you choose to deal with them will determine your success.

    There are also wilds, opportunities for bonus points, and a variable setup phase to make every game different.

    Pollen Board Game

    Pollen Board Game

    Grow a lush garden of beautiful blooms in order to attract helpful pollinators to their favorite flowers. Lay tiles in the right spots so that they pollinate your flowers instead of your opponents'. Make sure you win the right mix, because Pollen has a unique scoring system!

    There are some classic Reiner Knizia mechanisms at the heart of Pollen that guarantee an interactive (and even cutthroat!) game. The endgame scoring makes you pay extra attention to which types of insects you are collecting, not allowing you to focus only one one.

    Beth Sobel's incredible illustrations combine with stellar components to tie it all together. With Pollen, you can create a stunning garden right on your table!

    Psychic Pizza Deliverers Go To The Ghost Town Board Game

    Psychic Pizza Deliverers Go To The Ghost Town Board Game

    In Psychic Pizza Deliverers Go to the Ghost Town, players are divided into "Pizza Delivery Professionals" and a mayor (GM) who controls the ghosts and builds the town. The pizza delivery professionals have to find a pizza and deliver it to the right house in town, all while avoiding ghosts, barriers, and mystic teleportation runes. The first player to find and successfully deliver a pizza wins. Luckily for them, the pizza delivery professionals all possess mild psychic powers. They must use their abilities to sense and divine what's around them if they hope to deliver their pizzas.

    The main role of mayor is to moderate play and make the town. The mayor wins if no one is able to deliver their pizza. The game begins with the mayor building a unique town map that includes the starting location for each player, pizza, and house. On a player's turn, they may choose to move one space in any of the four cardinal directions, attack in any of the four cardinal directions in hope of banishing a ghost, or use a psychic power. The mayor then resolves the action, tells the player the location of any barriers adjacent to the player, and whether or not the player senses any ghosts/pizzas/houses in any of the eight spaces surrounding the player. Attacking removes ghosts from the board and lets players draw one psychic card. Psychic cards allow players to make special movements on the board such as diagonal, hop step, or warp back to start. The players have only twenty turns to locate a pizza and deliver it to the matching house. The players have a gridded sheet of paper and a pencil to draw and record information about the town. The mayor has a special log sheet to track all the players moves and results. The game also includes several variant tiles that can be added to the town to vary gameplay.

    Roll To The Top Journeys Board Game

    Roll To The Top Journeys Board Game

    In this beautifully illustrated roll and write, you'll take on the role of a young woman going on a once-in-a-lifetime journey around the world. Travel to incredible landmarks all over the globe - from the Pyramid of Giza to the Matterhorn. Follow the young artist?s journey through her postcards, sent back home to her family to recount the details of her trip.

    Try to be the first player to fill in enough boxes to make it to the top of the landmark in this roll-and-write.

    All players will pull from the same pool of numbers rolled on the active dice, using the values to make their way up from the bottom to the top of each landmark. Numbers must increase as you climb, so combine the values carefully!

    Each location card will bring a series of unique rules, mixing up play and adding to the challenge! At the end of each round, use the action die to change the dice pool and continue your race to the top!

    Featuring many of the classic Roll to the Top landmarks, this new edition provides new-and-improved game mechanics plus all-new illustrations by artist Horia Tundrea.

    Roll To The Top Journeys Board Game: Adventures Expansion

    Roll To The Top Journeys Board Game: Adventures Expansion

    In this expansion to the beautifully illustrated roll and write Roll to the Top: Journeys, you'll take on the role of the base-game protagonist's daughter, going on a once-in-a-lifetime journey around the world. Follow the young traveler's journey through postcards sent back home to her mother, recounting her journey and relating to her mother's past travels.

    This new expansion provides new-and-improved game mechanics plus all-new illustrations by artist Horia Tundrea.

    This expansion with 6 maps contains 3 of the 6 maps from the expansion named Roll to the Top!: Special Challenges Pack and 1 of the 2 maps of the expansion named Roll to the Top!: Taj Mahal and Sydney Opera House. Each map with its own special rules.

    Switchback Board Game (Pre-Order)

    Switchback Board Game (Pre-Order)

    Let's Hit The Trails!

    Lace up those hiking boots, grab your trusty trekking poles, and fight over these tiles!

    Players embark on an epic mountain-trekking expedition, blazing a trail through uncharted terrain. Your goal? Mark the path along the way and hike the most paths.

    Each turn, you place one of your three tiles on the map and then either 1) place one of your hikers on that tile or 2) buddy up two of your hikers to save for a double move later.

    The rules are simple, but the decisions are tough!

    Hikers only score if they are on a path of 4 continuous numbers. Do you join an opponents? trail to team up, or block their path with one of your own? Do you forgo a sure placement to buddy up your hikers for a perfect space next turn? Will that space even be available next turn?

    Through The Desert Board Game (Pre-Order)

    Through The Desert Board Game (Pre-Order)

    Build Your Caravan Of Camels! The board fills up quick. Will you be left out to dry?

    Reiner Knizia's enduring classic, Through The Desert, makes a triumphant return. The iconic camels and elegant gameplay will captivate newcomers and longtime fans alike.

    Travel the desert with five different colors of camels. Build long, sweeping caravans to score points at watering holes and oases. You also get points for claiming territories by enclosing sections of the map with your camels.

    Through The Desert shines in how tight the gameplay can be. At the beginning of the game, the map looks wide open. But, as turns progress, it becomes harder and harder to score points. There's a "knife-fight-in-a-phone-booth" nature to the gameplay that reveals itself towards the end. Water is scarce in the desert, but will the points can be scarcer?

    What sets this new edition apart? Damien Mammoliti contributes all-new artwork to bring this tabletop desert world to life. The beloved camels get an updated design while remaining alarmingly cute and functional.

    Allplay?s edition comes in a smaller box, with a bigger board, at a lower price. We also introduce new gameplay elements through several expansions. They add new mechanics and challenges to tweak the rich simplicity of the core game.

    There?s no time to waste when water is on the line. You only get 2 camel placements each turn. Do you get to that oasis before you?re blocked? Do you claim that valuable watering hole before your opponent? Or, do you lock in big points by blocking off a part of the board and claiming that territory?

    With a randomly seeded board and different play styles at every table, Through The Desert rewards both creativity and adaptability. As the game progresses, new opportunities open up as some disappear like a mirage. There?s no time to dwell on a missed opportunity. Take advantage of a different scoring option or area of the map! You?re almost never out of it!

    There are many ways to score in Through The Desert. Don't focus too hard on one strategy if it's easily blocked. If there's a lot of heat on one area of the board, maybe you can quietly surround some tiles or scoop up easy oasis spaces!

    When the board is empty, it looks like you can score everywhere. But, as it fills up, your opportunities dry up fast. Always think about tempo: that is, if there are moves that can't wait under threat of blocking, do those before moves elsewhere!