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Keystone North America Board Game Deluxe Edition

Keystone North America Board Game Deluxe Edition

In Keystone: North America you and your friends will take on the role of biologists and work to build an interconnected ecosystem through the careful placement of cards. Use skills, introduce important Keystone animals, and perform wildlife research to maximize your points.

Keystone: North America offers multiple ways to play! Go head-to-head against your friends in multiplayer and see who can build the healthiest ecosystem. Or experience a narrative adventure that will take you on a journey across North America with the Field Journal. This fully illustrated book contains a solo or co-op campaign where you will solve puzzles, learn about amazing animals, and explore the different ecosystems that make up North America.

Deluxe Edition includes:

  • Base game
  • Alternative Art Playerboards that are foldable
  • Beautiful central playmat
  • Premium linen print of cards, tokens, & game box
  • Custom Plastic Insert